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unnamedZach was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1994. From a young age Zach had always been mystified my music. He started performing on the French horn in school band at age 12. Since then he picked up more contemporary instruments like drum set, guitar, bass, and keyboards. He has influences from all different kinds of genres, from bands such as Kolohei Kai, Coldplay, Chick Corea, George Benson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer to name a few. At the young age of 14 he was out performing in restaurants, clubs, and coffee houses for who ever would listen.His talents have led him to perform with bassist Russell Jackson (BB King), and musician’s such as guitarist Stuart Ziff (WAR) have called him and his music “energetic and soulful”.

Zach has been featured on 96x fm local music show twice and has performed as venues such as the NorVa in Norfolk, VA, House of Blues in Hollywood, CA, Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, and Universal Studios In Hollywood.”


















Myles, a 22 year old performing artist, had an early start to his vocal studies, allowing him to develop a deep-and-rooted understanding of the instrument. At the age of 9, until the age of 15, he joined with the Coastal Sounds Music Academy, and toured around the globe. In Cuba, singing Latin art songs in the acoustics of the vast catholic churches, was one of his most valued experiences as far as singing goes.

Myles is also a trained actor, having studied at the British-American Drama Academy in 2010. Acting, being a very physical art form, is how Myles discovered that how your body feels while singing, seems more important than your sound. If your relaxed and comfortable, it will always sound 100% better. He knows sound and feeling to be symbiotic and should always match for consistency and quality. Not unlike a yoga instructor, or fitness-therapist, Myles teaches believes in voice based on body-and-physical, and the muscles involved in singing, over the ears. He feels auditory learning is shallow approach, and will almost always create doubt in any student.

His most valuable and formal training, however, wasn’t until age 11 when he was taken on buy the renown vocal instructor, Sandi Seimens-Ellis (Micheal Buble’s voice teacher) for 6 whole years.

Always curious about the guitar, Myles transitioned to rock, blues, and even a little metal. He quickly married the two, and now he consistently records and collaborates in the Vancouver Music scene.