About Bruce Guitars

Hey everyone. Bruce here.

I got my first rock album at five years old. It was Kiss’s Hotter Than Hell. Since that day, My life has been centered around the guitar.  I’ve done many things but it’s always come back to my six string friends. I taught guitar for ten years.  I’ve recorded countless songs and TV soundtracks. Gigged wherever and whenever I could. I even weaselled my way into working for Larriveé as a fretter so I could better understand my lifelong pals.

This brings me to why I’m here; I know I’m not alone. If you’re reading this; chances are you can relate to at least one of the things I’ve said.  I want to help other artists find their voice. Pass on what I know to boost musicians and help people fall in love (or deepen said love) with music.  I want to help people either find the perfect instrument or improve upon the one they already have.  I have a strong passion in bringing out the best in guitars and musicians.

Come visit us and see what I mean.

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